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There is no WIFI in the forest, but we promise you'll find a better connection.    

Enthusiasm is Key. just like clear-cut words & promises that are being kept. because a venue that claims to take care of the whole shebang, but comes up with little, is no longer a player of this game.  


​ we are playground for venues, and we help meeting & event venues to achieve their goal: to make their corporate client successful. 

Playground Retreats.


we offer a variaty of themed training programs for strategy, positioning, sales, and marketing of meeting & event venues. The aim: making a succes out of the client, and her guest. all following themes can be presented either in the shape of a workshop, training, or a longer process. In other words: you will get a short inspiration session, a more extensive training, or even a longterm plan with several contact moments. 

Meer info over het 3-daagse programma? 


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